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AAAL wrap up

Well, the AAAL (American Association of Applied Linguistics) conference is over and I am really really tired.  I can't believe that there are people that right after AAAL they are headed over to Pennsylvania for the TESOL conference... Me, I need a few days of sleep to recuperate from those four days of non-stop presentations.

There were a number of really interesting sessions, and some not so interesting ones (mainly because it seemed like a lot of hand wringing and self-flagellation on the part of my colleagues presenting). In the next few days I will be posting about some of the interesting stuff I learned (or at least witnessed) at the AAAL conference.  For today though, I just wanted to write how surprised I was that there were only one or two people tweeting at the conference, and then again no so much. I did notice a lot of people taking notes on laptops, and on good, old-fashioned, legal pads - but the technology wasn't quite a big thing at this conference.  Oh well, perhaps next year in Dallas there will be some more tweets from the conference.

An an aside, I would have liked to have met these few twitterers in person, but in such a massive conference it didn't quite happen.

From the conference I walked away with two new books, The Handbook of Business Discourse and The Language of Gaming, more on these once I read them :-)
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