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Another semester done!

Another semester is done!
I completed my final and handed it in for grading (I think I did well).

With Linguistics (Apling 601) under my belt, I feel confident that things will make more sense from now on ;-)

In any case, in retrospect this semester was not bad. I only had one class which I did well in. I did spend a boatload of time working on GIDA (graduate instructional design alumni association) with both the online and face to face component of the organization - and I have to say that it is a lot of work. Our social network, sadly, does not yet support RSS, so people can't get a friendfeed in their RSS reader to see what's going on. Hopefully this will be fixed with future versions of the service.

We do have a large number of member (137 as of this writing), but it's hard reaching out to alumni since we don't know who they are. The weird thing is that students are also reluctant to join unless you give them a presentation and explain the benefits. It's not easy being the president ;-) LOL

I've approached my unofficial INSDSG advisers to see if I can start working on my capstone project. I am half-way done with the curriculum, but I've sunk in so much time and effort into the social network that I think I need to get all of this documented (in case others are interested in doing the same thing) :-)
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