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NERCOMP Conference summary(ish)

I was planning on doing a live-blog of NERCOMP last week, using storify, but in the end I got so wrapped up in the conversation, and the tweeting, that storify didn't really happen for me.  Last night I played with Storify a bit, grabbed as many images, tweets and websites I could and made a rather weak live-blog.  Oh well.  Maybe I will be doing some live-blogging at AAAL this weekend.

In any case, here is a quick recap of our two presentations:
Monday was GoodReads day, Christian presented his proposal for Social Reading (and reading outside of the class) using GoodReads in a lightning round - I helped him a bit flesh out the concept and the flow, and also served as the computer master for the presentation showing off things he was talking about.  It was a really great presentation, and we actually ended up getting a lot of questions afterward.  I liked the Lightning round format because it forced you to be concise (15-20 minutes in length) and to really think about your message.  This was my first lightning round, and I think I would do it again.

Mobile Enabled Research:
This was my poster session on Tuesday, again pretty well attended. The poster sessions were setup pretty nicely, they had their own area which encouraged people to walk around, read and engage in conversation. We ended up getting a lot of questions on using iPads to facilitate the research process and, in many cases, dis-intermediate the desktop. This was also my first Poster ever created.  This too was a fluke as I thought I had requested a full session. In any case, I liked the poster format because it allowed us more time to converse with a lot of interesting people, rather than just have a "broadcast" Session, which is what our full session would probably be formatted as.  I think I will probably do more posters in the future.  The foam-core mounting also wasn't that expensive.

Overall, I met some pretty interesting people at NERCOMP, and saw some familiar twitter faces out there as well.  The expo floor as a bit light, when compared to campus technology, but this meant more talk with peers from other institutions. Looking forward to next year.

Here's my little Storify Story:

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