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Traversing the path of the doctoral degree

Less than a month to go!

This is it, the final countdown! (well, OK, may not the final final countdown)

I posted something on the UMass Online blog recently, on how great and useful libraries are - check it out here (can't wait to  finish my comprehensive exams!)

In the thick of it all...

I know, blogs have been neglected...
My instapaper list of things to read is getting big...
There are quite a few things that I have read and want to comment on...
There just isn't that much time!

Hmmm...this sort of started out as a poem, it didn't work out that way though ;-)

In any case, I'm in the thick of it all, however one way or another December 17th is it! I am taking my comprehensive exams for Applied Linguistics then, and that's it! I can then get back to instapaper, educational technology and technology punditry.  Until then I will be refreshing my memory of theorists, theories, examples and positions. Critical pedagogy, cultural capital, teaching culture, teaching grammar, teaching lexicon, how the mind works, about LADs and neuronal connections.  Fun stuff, but I think my brain might be reaching storage capacity ;-)