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Καλό μήνα! Καλούς εμβολιασμούς!

 Ήρθε και ο Μάρτιος.  Έχουμε κλείσει ένα χρόνο από τότε που φύγαμε απο το πανεπιστήμιο και δουλεύουμε από το σπίτι.  Για να δούμε πότε θα έρθει αυτό το φως στο τέλος του τούνελ και θα μπορούμε να ξαναταξιδεύουμε 🤨. Ο μήνας σήμερα αρχίζει με βροχές και γκρι καιρό.  Καλό μας μήνα!

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Review: Star Trek: The Stardate Collection Volume 2 - Under the Command of Christopher Pike

Star Trek: The Stardate Collection Volume 2 - Under the Command of Christopher Pike Star Trek: The Stardate Collection Volume 2 - Under the Command of Christopher Pike by David Tipton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The adventures of Captain Pike are interesting, even though Marvel canceled the series in mid-story.  Some characters are really out-of-character with what we've seen elsewhere in the Trek-universe, but this was still an interesting read :-)

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2020 Travel in Review

While most 2020 travel was from home to the supermarket and back, there was a brief period before the lockdown where we could move around.  Here's my New England roaming last year 😜

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Pacific 201 - Part II

 Here's Part II of Pacific 201.  I can't wait to see the tech manual that was developed for this fan film :-)

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Pacific 201 - Part I

Another fan film is out! (crowdfunded less than Axanar, crowdfunded after Axanar, and is out before Axanar. Go figure ;-)

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The Romulan War - A star trek fan film

This Star Trek fan film came out better than I expected last December.  Some good fan films are coming out again despite Axanar ruining it for everyone.

If you listen closely, I contributed to some of the additional voices :-)

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Καλό μήνα!

 Το 2021 πάει πολύ γρήγορα...πατίστε και κανά φρένο 🙂 Καλό μας μήνα λοιπόν, και σύντομα με κανένα εμβόλιο!

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2020 Decade in Achievements

 For the second year in a row, Microsoft didn't do an achievements year-in-review (boo😜), so I got an updated Decade In Review from TrueAchievements. It looks similar to what I posted last year (in fact I don't see anything for 2020... Looking at my TA for 2020 I see a lot of skewing toward older games (completed before 2020) and a big skew in January when I joined TA and all of my achievements were imported.  So, lots of junk data... Oh well, maybe 2021 will have better data ;-)

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2020 Year In Beer

 Another Year In Review from a social site.  This time on Untappd, which I use to keep track of various beers I've tried (so that I can remember whether I liked or didn't like them when I see them in the store).  I don't expect of Untappd usage in 2021 since I've decided to take a break from beer in 2021, but we'll see.  Here's what happened in 2020:

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2020 Year In Books

 I usually post these a bit earlier in January, but here is my 2020 Goodreads year in review 🙂. I guess I met my minimum reading for 2020, even in a pandemic lockdown ;-)


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