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Woah! STO ships to be available as models!

Well...that's some news!  Last week Cryptic announced that models of their ships will be purchasable in the future since they just started a partnership with a 3D printing company for fulfillment.  What it sounds like is that you'll be able to purchase a 3D printed version of a ship you own in the game (so I guess  I need to either own, or have owned, C-Store and Lobi ships... dang...) with any set customization you want.  I think some ship combinations will look mighty fine!  Imagine some ships, like this Tier-6 Escort with the Borg set ;-)   Wonder how much these things would cost.  I am also wondering if Cryptic is testing the waters with STO related apparel.   They are giving out T-Shirts with the Odyssey class on it, maybe this is the start of STO apparel! (Psst, hey! Cryptic!  Can we get an Odyssey Uniform belt buckle???)

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