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Xbox year in review

The year-in-review notifications that various social media sites provide can be quite fun.  This year's year-in-review for xbox is a custom made snowball (too bad you can't order one!) based on the various statistics from your gaming preferences.

It seems like 2018 for me was the year of Assassin's Creed, with over 200 hours logged into  Origins Syndicate, and Unity.  While this might not seem like a ton of time, for me it seems like a crazy amount of time to put into a game.  I wonder what 2019 will bring with Odyssey and the various expansions for it.

The thing that really surprised me was Defiance.  I didn't think I had spent that much time in the reboot of Defiance, but apparently I did.  Even with 70 hours played I still have not beat Nim Shondu... argh!  What a pain...

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