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Adieu Tumblr

Another one bites the dust - at least for me. 

In 2018, after 10 years of using Tumblr I decided to stop using this service (it's questionable how long it will be around anyway).  Initially, early in September I lost access to my account.  I had enabled 2FA (2 factor authentication) but none of the the security tokens on my 2FA application would work.  Argh...   After contacting support to try to get my account cleared so I can log-in again, the support folks asked me to take a photo of myself holding the day's paper (well, not really, but they did ask me to write down the date when I photographed myself), and point them to a photo of me on my blog so they can compare.  I don't often post  pictures of myself on Tumblr, but as luck would have it, there was a photo of me in the office.  I took a photo of me in the office, wearing almost the same thing, and holding a sign saying "Hey Tumblr! It's me!" along with the day's date.  Apparently they couldn't verify me (a photo of me, in the same place, wearing almost the same thing, from a verified email and you couldn't verify me? come on!). They did suggest that I open another account! (WTF?)

I did try appealing this with support, but those **&*&** have ghosted me.  So, goodbye Tumblr.  It's too bad because the platform was pretty nice. I loved the interface, I liked that you could just post a link, a quote, a random video, and not have to create a full blog post with text and such. It was perfect for a photoblog.  I guess from now on Instagram will have to do.

Tumblr user interface

Adieu Tumblr Website

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