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OK, maybe a few more accolades...

Well,  summer 'vacation' on Risa is upon us in Star Trek Online, and has been for a while.  This gave me a bit of an opportunity to claim a few more accolades that are Summer Event accolades (as well as go back for a few more Breen ones that seemed 'easy' to get)

Unauthorized beach party - Basically come back to one of the beach-front spots after dark to join a fire-side party.  Ever since the developers changed the lighting effects in the game, Risa no longer has a day-night cycle, so you just parked the character at the spot and left them there until the accolade unlocked.
Tepid, Balmy, and Sizzling - titles for finishing the biathlon in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  This was a fun mini-game.  Definitely one of my summer event favorites
In a geological sense - uncovered all the temporal artifacts on Risa through the artifact mini-game.  The pain in the butt here was that you only got one artifact per run, and what you got was randomized, so it took a while to collect them all

Shadow Hugger - On the Solenae space station, basically don't get burned.  I had unlocked this on a secondary character, but since the path branching is random, it took a lot of repeat plays to unlock that path and complete the accolade.
Efficient Exterminator - Also on the Solenae space station - basically complete a swarmer task in under a minute.  This wasn't possible (power/ability wise) when I played through this content originally, but being an overpowered fleet admiral does have its perks.

Breen Capitol Punishment - This is in the mission "aid the Deferi" Basically you need to take out 3 Breen capitol ships, which randomly spawn.  So, lots of warping in and out until the darned things spawned.  Interesting note: we've never gotten this ship as a winter event ship!  Tier-6 Capitol ship for 2019???

Deferi Satellite Technician - Do a mission for 10 days (time gate), fix 4 satellites at a time, get accolade...
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