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Beer & Cold Pizza

When I was younger and growing up in Greece I saw a lot of 80s movies (none of the titles or plots I remember).

I do remember though that a staple of those movies was 20-some year olds, witha fridge with Cold pizza in a cardboard box and beer bottles next to that pizza. I remember thinking that (1) cold pizza is disgusting, and (2) who in the world keeps cold pizza and beer in the fridge ?
I thought that I would never be in that situation because I would always enjoy pizza pippin' hot from the oven, and beer...well I just did not like it.

This morning something interesting happened.
I open the fridge to get some eggs to make myself an omelet and there they are. A box of pizza and beer, right next to one another.
So what happened? Pizza was left over from last night, and beer...well over the last few years I've gotten used to it :-)
It's still weird though...

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