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Got some more accolades (STO)

It's been a while since I played Star Trek Online with the intent to be on the accolade hunt.  I actually I thought I had most of them, but then I came across a list created by one of the game's other players and saw that I was missing a considerable amount.  After clearing out the retired accolades (ones that you can't get any longer), and the ones that you can in theory get, but you need to either be a different class of character (I am a tactical captain, so I ignored the Engineering and Science accolades), and the accolades that you can technically get if some shares a retired mission with you.  Once I got my list, I was off!  Here's what I've accumulated over the past couple of months

This one is from the episode Delta Flight.  The description is "Proved your piloting skills with Delta Flight" which didn't give a lot to go on. I got this by going through all the rings/checkpoints in the mission.  There are a few more accolades in Delta Flight that I have no idea (yet) how to get.

Belongs in a Museum
This is one is from the mission Vorgon Conclusions, where the player has to find all of the artifacts in the Starbase after the Undine assault.  This was a pain, especially near the end, because there are 3 possible slots with around 20ish potential items (random number generator driven?)  Getting all of the items was a slow process.  I've been working on this since the episode was introduced.

A bit of a fixer upper & It's a trap
Two accolades, same image. These are from the mission Surface Tension.  Things that could easily be missed such as "View damage at the far Force Field, after parting ways with Ensign R'raak" or require a replay, such as "Help Injured Officers and replay mission – or beam out and back in before reaching Quinn – for 5 accumulated kills."

Cease & Decist
From the mission "Romulan Mystery", to get this you needed to "You tried to arrest Obisek during the weekly episode Frozen" - since I tend to be a good guy in my game play, I had never attempted this.

Clean up their mess
From the Researcher Rescue mission, "Scan the dead body in the middle of the room of where the boss is"
History of New Romulus (Lore)
I totally missed the Lore component of New Romulus when it came out - or found it, and summarily forgot about it since it required a lot of repetition. I just spent EC on the exchange to get the data chips for this one.  Expensive, but worth it.

In Memoriam (Lore)
One more Lore related accolade that I had completely missed, from the mission Shadow Play.  I think I had scanned most artifacts originally, but had missed a few.
From the mission Frozen - just needed to replay a couple of times to arrest some Remans after the end of the mission

Last Days of the Dewans (Lore)
One more Lore accolade on New Romulus. No data chips for this one.  Just lots of dropping and adding on one of the missions so that the right artifacts could pop up in one of the Dewan caves...

Magnificent Five
Basically choosing the Hard Option on Kobali Prime (do the mission on your own without allies)

Name the Stakes
Another Researcher Rescue mission - "Scan the planet at the beginning of the mission" which is easily missed...
An accolade for destroying all of the Voth capital ships (which conveniently spawn in the same area!)

The Impossible
From the Undine mission "Assimilation" and the way to get the accolade was to Scan the Undine on the examination tables.  Optional thing to do, not even an optional objective, so easy to miss.
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