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Powerpoint is not a Panacea

Even though this happened in class last night, I think it goes well under the "What the fuck?!" category.
I was in class last night, and we were discussing the presentation that each class member must do in two days.
The presentation is all but 5 minutes long (longer than that and you get cut off), and the professor left us to our own devices: Basically do what you want, so long as it is five minutes.

This was kind of cool, because we don't have to have any electronic visuals (vis-à-vis powerpoint), but some classmates revolted (well one in particular). It was not fathomable to him that we were NOT required to accompany our presentation with the standard, mind numbing, totally useless (and sometimes a not well thought) powerpoint slides! Some classmates who had their head on the right way said (and rightfully so) that PowerPoint is not required for a presentation of such small length.

This guy kept on harping about how it's an industry standard to do this, and if you go to boardrooms, and blah (dramatic pause) blah (another dramatic pause) blah....

Powerpoint is not a panacea, it is not required, and some of the best presentations that I have seen had no powerpoint.
It is a crutch, especially to MBA students, who do not feel comfortable in from of a crowd. MBA students should invest more time in public speaking courses and less time worrying about what they will do with their powerpoint presentation.

- Just my two cents
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