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This week in Music: Sweden and Greece

Going to try doing one song per week from now on.  This week, for some reason Sweden came to mind. There was also a song from Greece that seems to be in the news, but it seems rather poor taste to embed that music video here. Good weekend to all!

Elektrisk  by Marcus & Martinus ft. Katastrofe 
Verdict: It's funny that this is #10 in the Swedish charts this past week (I was looking for a non-English song for my exploration), but the actual group is Norwegian.  I don't speak Norwegian (it's on my bucket list of languages to learn), but I actually liked the song (despite the dopey group ;-) ).

In additional music news this week, it seems that Greek rapper TUS (or TU$) is in some hot waters for promoting (or at least seeming to promote) human trafficking in the song Βουλγάρες  (Bulgarian women). The claim from the artist is that the song is intended as parody. Having head the song (and seen the music video), I have to say that even if it's meant as social commentary it was executed in a manner that's in poor taste (heck, the music isn't even that interesting).

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