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Star Trek Online 9 years

It's been a while since the actual anniversary date of STO, but it's been busy, so this draft has been sitting in my...drafts...for a while.  This year Cryptic broke up the pieces of the infographic and released them a piece at a time on twitter, before putting the entire thing up on their website at the end.  I am not surprised that Tactical captains are first in the list, and I am also not surprised that the federation faction is first amongst players.  After all, there is no Star Trek: Romulan Republic.  I think the Romulan faction is my favorite, and I do like the aesthetic of the Romulan ships, but the feds get all the new ships and I tend to stick to my own first character for most play: the andorian, fed, tactical captain.

Along with the 8th anniversary I finally cleared some of the accolades that have been on my list:

First up, the Vorn Distinguished Service Medal, which one earns by completing the Cure queues 100 times.  Not fun, considering the space queue can FAIL if you don't protect the Klingon ship from Borg ships.  Finally done, and I don't have to bother with that queue again ;-) Unless it pops up in a random TFO.

Wrecking Ball - the accolade for destroying 200 sphere-builder ships.  It's been a while for this one since I really didn't want to play the Battle for Procyon V queue that much.  Since there were no Foundry missions to farm the sphere-builder ships, I sucked it up and did the Procyon queue a few times to get done with this one.

The Grand Aquisitor - this one was for getting all mini-accolades in the mission Quark's Lucky Seven.  The last two that I was missing were "Rule of Acquisition Number 9" for Crack the Security Computer with 5 attempts during Quark's Lucky Seven (Opportunity plus instinct equals profit). The other one was "Rule of Acquisition Number 48" and to get that one I needed to Take no damage as Leck during Quark's Lucky Seven (The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife).  Leck wasn't bad - I just needed to be more stealth and hide a lot.  The computer cracking mini game was a "Mastermind" clone, so I needed to remind myself what some of the rules were since the last time I played that game was when I was 10.

Along with these, I also got the "Doomed to Die" accolade for the featured TFO on Pahvos (taking out all of Captain Killy's lieutenants).

At this point I am down to about two dozen accolades left (some are bugged though).  I really wish the Undine would spawn in the Federation starbase protection TFO, and that people would want to play some Defera Battlezone missions.  It's hard to get people there...

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