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Lifeblog for MacOS X!

Don't get too excited, it doesn't exist yet!
For those of you who don't know, Lifeblog is a suite of software for your (Windows XP) PC and Series60 smartphones made by Finnish phone giant Nokia. This application allows the user to extract data from their smartphone, such as SMS messages, MMS messages, audio and text notes, and any videos and photos that they have taken with their phone. It allows you to tag, categorize, sort and search through your "life" collection using the desktop application, or your mobile version that is installed on your phone. Since it is called lifeblog you have the ability to point the application to a blog you own and post selected items to that blog (want to share that funny photo or SMS you got? well you can!)

I personally use lifeblog as a way of offloading content from my phone (to keep its memory nice an empty for new content), keeping track of things, and occasionally posting a photo to my blog. There is only one problem: there is no MacOS X version for Lifeblog! Up until recently, I was able to have access to a Windows XP based PC, so I was able to offload my content. Now I no longer have access to a Windows PC, and there is no solution for MacOS X! Not even through emulation on Virtual PC! Lifeblog has been around of years, what's the holdup with the MacOS X version? Come on Nokia! There are those of us who prefer to not use Windows...give us lifeblog software for the Mac!
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