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License renewal!

Off to the registry of motor vehicles to get my license renewed!
Massachusetts has a system where you can renew your license online provided that:
1. The digital photo that they have on file is not more than 9 years old.
2. The photo was taken after your 21st birthday.

So I am now 26, I should be able to renew online, right?
WRONG! why? Because when I was 20 years old (and 361 days!) I did the responsible thing and renewed my license a few days before it actually expired, so I would not be driving around with an expired license. I spoke to 4 apathetic employees at the RMV and none of them would renew my license because I was 20 years and 361 days old when my last photo was taken. Wow, when I turned 21 I must have really changed - boy oh boy!

Now I must go and wait in line for a license renewal!
Maybe I will sneeze at them and make them sick with my cold germs ;-)
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