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On an accolade roll! -- well... I was...

I was in a bit of a roll with accolades on Star Trek Online; Accolades I hand't earned on the first play through.  For some of these missions I haven't gone back to them in years.  That said, I think I am done with the accolade hunt for now.  Some are event-specific accolades (Summer event, or Arena of Sompek) that come around once in a while (summer even should be here "soon"), and others are TFO related that make it hard.  Some of the MACO accolades for example require that the person/team get all optional objectives for a TFO.  This was easy in space-based missions, but it seems impossible in the 3 ground TFOs (at least with a PUG anyway).  Some mission-based accolades require some herculean feats (like preventing ANY damage to a toon, or destroying a ridiculous amount of swarm ships that may not even spawn).  So...I guess STO accolades are a bit on hiatus until and event comes along.  Here's what I've gotten so far tin this latest round:

Act of Conscience
Refuse to give Garak a rare bottle of Bajoran Distilled Kanar during the weekly episode Second Wave.

Alternative Allies
Speak with all 16 named characters in the Tholian base. Three in the receiving area: Franklin Drake, one of your Engineering BOFFs and D'Tan. Eight in the mess area: Slamek, one of your Tactical BOFFs, Morn, Elim Garak, T'nae, Va'Kel Shon, Obisek and (after getting food from the replicator) Richard Castillo. Five in the living quarters: B'vat, one of your Science BOFFs, Farek, Nelan and Tasha Yar. - for some reason I thought I had done this when I first played through, but I guess I missed a few...

I.S.I.S. Expert, Tactical Thinking, and Best Served Cold
These next three accolades all share the same medal.
ISIS expert: You read all of the prisoner bios while playing Facility 4028. 
Tactical Thinking: Used the plasma leaks on the S.S. Azura to your advantage. (in Stranded in Space)
Best Served Cold: You destroyed Farek's ship at the end of Operation Gamma. (I was the good guy in all play-throughs previously and let Farek go)

Your expert detective skills have saved an innocent man from a fate he didn't deserve. - I had started and kept failing this mission a number of times in the past before giving up.  This time I got it :-)

Disciple of Sun Tzu
Read the journals of the Temporal Liberation Front leaders in Til the End of Time[sic]

Don't quit your dayjob
Another one I missed in the same anniversary event as "alternative allies" - basically mess up everyone's task when you assign them tasks (something which I never tried to do in the past!)

Flagship Downed
Assist all downed crew in the Halls of the Lleiset. - again, something I didn't always do, especially if I was speeding through the mission in the past

Flip Flop
Denied Amnesty to the Vaadwaur and attained the maximum number of allies after having dropped to the minimum. - something I never did in the past because...again...playing as the good federation captain.

Like an open PADD
You get this if you do a proper interrogation of the Na'Kuhl prisoner in Temporal Front.  I guess I didn't hit X for "doubt" enough in past tries :P 

Sacrifice for the Greater Good
After disabling the Benthan ship, Commander Eldex wants to destroy it and Seven of Nine wants to spare it. Choose "It's an unfortunate situation, but I agree with Eldex." then either option that follows. - Again, something I didn't do in the past because of playing as a good guy

Soft Touch
Granted Amnesty to the Vaadwaur in "Difficult Choices" and dropped to the minimum number of allies possible. - just like flip flop, you had to run this small mission 10 times to completion... I hate those.

Nanostream Manipulator & Champion Chaperone

Two accolades, one image:
Nanostream Manipulator: Learn to create Nanostream Energy Cells (second wave)
Champion Chaperone: Save all escaping ships while leaving DS9 during the weekly episode (second wave)

Divide & Quickly Conquer
Defeat all three dreadnoughts in Borg Disconnected within one minute of one another. - this was pure luck as the other people in the TFO had builds that blasted the enemies out of space! Thank you nameless PUGs!

getting to the route of things & mining survey

Two accolades, one image:
Getting to the route of things: Still available if done during mission Heading Out or Celes System Patrol. This was part of the now defunct "war is good for business" missions - but it is accessible still in the Celes System.  The other accolades of this mission are not. Boooo.
Mining survey: Fly Through the Hole in the Large Asteroid in Stranded In Space - quick and easy
Network Security
Completed the tactical option while playing the weekly episode Of Bajor. One of three career-specific accolades.  I really wish Cryptic would combine these across our characters (I am sure I've earned the engineer and science officers versions of this)

voth entry denied & spaceside assistance
Two accolades, same medal image
Voth Entry Denied: Complete the Voth Invasion in the Undine Space Battlezone and receive the Tier IV reward. - something I never got because I didn't hang out in the Battlezone too much (just flying through for missions)
Space Side Assistance: Basically help random ships (that may spawn or not) in the Undine Space Battlezone.

Starbase Security & Cunning and Guile
Two accolades, same medal
Starbase Security: Investigated the reports of sabotage on Starbase 114 in the Celes system.
Cunning & Guile: Basically go undetected in  23rd century Drozana Station.

Lobes for Business
Basically here you have to overpay Quark for goods in "Second Wave".  Something I never did because at the time I didn't have enough latinum (now I do!)

Aggressive Diplomacy

Engage and stun every Starfleet security team in 23rd century Drozana Station.
People Watcher
In Mirrors & Smoke you need to go down all alleys to see the decay and suffering in the streets.
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