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This week in music: Austria, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam

This week, once more in my quest to keep up with pop culture, my music homework from the billboard charts:

Beauty Sucks by Kezzy
Verdict: Interesting song in the top singles this week for Austria.  I actually liked this one a lot (music and lyrics are good, the vocals though...I guess I am a fan of the nasal sounds...)

New Zealand
M.I.L.F.$ by Fergie
Verdict: Not on the top 40 yet, but it was #1 in their fastest rising singles this week.The music video reminded a little of Aqua and barbie girl in some of the scenes.  Interesting song. Certainly have moved quite far from American Pie (that's when the term was introduced, right?)

คนมีเสน่ห์ by ป้าง นครินทร์ (Pang Nakarin)
Verdict: Ventured a bit outside my Eurocentric music world this week. It seemed like this song was the top song in the top 40 this past week (at least from what I am guessing, seeing that I don't know Thai). Not sure what the song is saying, but I do like the melody.

Một Nhà by Da LAB
Verdict: This was in the top singles this week (or so it seemed).  Seems like a cover of a US song from the music.  Not bad (even though I don't remember any Vietnamese to save my life at this point, need to brush up...).

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