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The lost art of letter writing

I wrote a few days ago about the need to write emails as a means of communication when we have SMS, blogs, microblogs, flickr and friendfeed to keep our friends and relatives up to date with our comings and goings.

Now, when I was in High School, and I had recently moved back from Greece, I had started to write letters to two or three friends of mine. My address became known and soon more friends had been writing to me and I back to them. This continued up until I was a sophomore or junior in college and at the climax of the letter writing years I had at least twenty to twenty-five pen pals from Greece, but also from Germany, Norway and China!

I enjoyed getting letters from friends and writing letters to friends. Letters took anywhere between two weeks to two months (depending on how frequent correspondence was), so news accumulated and you had something interesting to write! In addition you could take you time, compose your thoughts, bring out your best (or worst) penmanship and...well the only word that comes to mind is: accessorize.

Then all of my friend went to college too, and some who were older got jobs, so they stopped writing as often. Eventually when email was the new things in two (for them) they decided that they would email. This worked out well initially because people did not have too much time online so emails were still here-and-there and news was still plentifully.

Eventually, however, emails got sloppy - no subjects, two lines in the body like "how are you?" with nothing else - at this point I lost interest in correspondence, or emailed once in a blue moon when I had time to really write something that had attention to detail and would not be a canned email I could send to all my friends.

Now, I've lost day to day contact with many people I used to know, some that I consider good friends! It's time to pick up letter writing again - show attention to detail. No typed letters - handwritten, on good paper, with a good ol' postmark on 'em.

Sure it takes a week or more to receive it - but good things are worth waiting for!
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