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darned superdrive!

Last spring, in anticipation of buying a new Mac Mini, I decided to spend some money to get a new Magic Trackpad (awesome little device), a new wireless keyboard (which I have been using with my iPad, and Samsung Slate) and an external SuperDrive.

The original intent, of course, was that I would use these with a new Mac Mini as soon as I got one. I was expecting that I would get one in the summer as I was expecting a line refresh. Well, that didn't happen, and I ended up using most peripherals for other uses, but not the superdrive.  In any case, I decided to plug in the superdrive into my 2007 Mac Mini (whose internal DVD drive has failed) and the thing won't work.  Apparently the superdrive doesn't work with all Mac models...a but of a fail, but whatever.

Then, I tried plugging it into my Samsung Slate so I could upgrade it to Windows 8. It got recognized, hallelujah!  Tried putting the disc in, and again, it won't accept it.  Apparently this is a common issue... WTH apple superdrive? Can't you just work?!  Now looking for a non-apple external drive that will work with both my Mac Mini 2,1 and the Samsung Slate.
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