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Video Game Fridays: F15 Strike Eagle (GB)

This is probably the weirdest game I've ever bought (by itself - not part of a bundle).

F15 is a flight simulator game where you pilot an F15 and go out and complete missions (I think this one took place during desert storm). Now I never was a flight simulator person. I would play a flight sim if I bought it as part of a package (just so I felt that my money wasn't wasted), but I never really went out of my way to buy a flight sim - except for this one.

So what happened? My friend's older brother played flight sims all the time, and it seemed that all the cool kids did so too! So in my 12-year-old-mind, if the cool kids are playing flight sim and they are by definition cool, then if you play flight sims, you are cool!

In any case, I bought the game and sunk a lot of time into it, not because I enjoyed the flight sim (I would rate this game a C+/B-), but because it took so damned long to get anywhere! I would put the game in autopilot and go grab a sandwich. By the time I got my sandwich I was at the destination I had to bomb.

Eh...I learned my lesson.

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