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Agents of Yesterday official trailer

I was not convinced that I would be starting up a new character for this expansion, but after this trailer I am pumped!  I may just create a new UFP character, do the faction specific missions, and then just use DOFF missions to level up to level 60.  I might even skip most missions that I've done (at least) 4 times already. I guess this character falls into the tertiary category because I really don't see myself grinding for reputation gear for anyone but my main character at this point. I'll grind the reputation (since I can get reputation sponsorship tokens), but gear will be something I either craft, buy from the exchange, or get from missions (like the Kobali set).  It's no fun grinding.  My Delta recruit and Temporal Agent won't be playing "space Barbie" since it's a lot of grinding to get the Risa and Winter gear for all characters. Blerg.

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