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Against non-latin domain names

Well, this past week Egypt launched the .masr domain name, but it's not just masr (Egypt in arabic), it's .مصر (masr in arabic script). Now many proponents or unicode domains would probably say that it democratizes the internet, making it less of an English centric place, however I really don't see it that way. Now luckily I can type in a couple of different scripts so something like .εργασία or .бизнес or even .わぷろ wouldn't cause me much trouble. But what about other people? Everyone is used to the latin alphabet (through one way or another) not matter what their native language is. The same can't be said about other scripts.

Now some people may say that since you can't read the script, what do you care about it anyway? To those people I say two word: machine translation! Machine translation of text isn't all that great, but it goes get the meaning across. Of course, you need to be able to type in the darned URL to be able to get a machine translated version of the text at a particular site.

The thing that I find most baffling is that one of the spokes people said "It is a great moment for us... The internet now speaks Arabic" (see BBC article). I've got news for you - the internet has been speaking Arabic, and Greek and Hebrew and Chinese and...a whole bunch of other languages for a long, long time This isn't a new phenomenon brought on by this new web domain. I dislike spinsters :-)
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