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Assassin's creed Odyssey trailer

Just by luck yesterday YouTube suggested the Ubisoft livestream from E3 (oh internet overlords, you know me so well!), and I tuned in just as the trailer for Assassin's Creed Odyssey came on screen.  I love the trailer, I love that I am able to pick a character, I love that it's going to be set in Greece during the  peloponnesian war, I think I like the Bioware RPGness of the game. There are two confusing things:  If Assassin's Creed Origins is the Origin of the brotherhood, then why are we going back 400 years before that? Also, why the heck is Assassin's Emblem (and hence the emblem of the game) a Greek Lambda (Λ)? The emblem is essentially a protractor, but by getting rid of of the bottom parts of the logo you've made it into a Greek letter, which stylistically might look fine to a western eye, but to a Greek it's like an assassin's blade through the heart.

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