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Triptophen madness?

I got up this morning, a.k.a black Friday, and I saw in the news that all outlets, all malls, all shopping centers are full, no parking.
All I have to say is... What in the name of pete !?!?!?!?!
I saw a lot of people interviewed and everyone was raving about the great deals they got and how cheap it was and so on.
Personally, I do not believe that the aggravation of going to the stores at 10PM on Thanksgiving in order to be there when they open at 12:01, then waiting in lines to get into stores before you even know what they have to offer just to come up with a few bucks in savings in insanely retarded!
So what do we give thanks for? Having family around and healthy? Or giving thanks for being insanely blessed and commercialized to the extent that we give up good "family time" for $10 off a sweater, or $5 off your next PSP game? Go on Amazon or eBay for crying out loud!

At least traffic into work wasn't bad today - those mindless lemmings went to the shopping center - teehee hee :-)
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