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Incredible adventures of van helsing III | done

A game I was playing concurrently with Zombi was another freebie from the free with Gold program.  This game was the Incredible Adventures of van Helsing III.  I am not sure if it was integral to the game for me to play parts I and II (I didn't), but even if it were, this game stood pretty good on its own.

The game takes place in the fictional eastern european city of Borgovia, and the main character of the game is a descendant of the vampire slayer.  Dracula is still around, and he's on your side (he's reformed, I guess) but he's an NPC.  The main thing about this third installment is that you try to save Borgovia from an evil Ink (yes, the thing that pens and squids have) that's eating up this reality.  The end-game evil guy is some guy I don't recognize (maybe parts I and II were important after all). The game is basically a D&D game, which reminded me a lot of the Diablo series.  Since the game is quite steampunk in nature I ended up picking a character in a mech-suit who had a built-in flame-thrower, mines, and missiles (that was an interesting combination of paranormal, steampunk, and modern worlds).

I don't really know if there is much to say about the story of the game.  You're there, the world is in peril, you go kick butt, you save the world.  Done.  Your character is accompanied by the ghost of Lady Katarina who's been bonded to the van helsing family to help them with their quest of riding the world of evil.  Having this NPC around does provide for a lot of witty banter during missions, and you do find out a little about her if you explore the world, but a lot of this seems to revolve around side missions. I liked the NPC, I liked the banter, nothing really stood out except for the "buddy cop" feeling I was getting between the two.

Overall this was a fun game (even though I don't remember anything about the story). I;d give it a 8/10.   Here are some game stats:
  • 375/1000 points earned
  • 23 trophies earned
  • 5656 monsters killed
  • 446,248 gold collected
  • 359,672 gold spent
  • 46,472 gold spend on resurrection
  • 10,010 rage points spent (still don't know what this is)
  • 6 hours 35 minutes playtime

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