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CBS execs need to go back to B-School

OK...After the Fox execs, come the CBS execs in the incoming class of B-school freshmen. Today I found out that Jericho is officially cancelled by CBS. What the hell do these television executives not get? Jericho was the best new drama on television (yes better than Drive!) and they cancel it! Of course there are the obligatory online petitions that people are signing in order to keep the show on the air (approximately 85,000 thus far). There is the send NUTS campaign, more of a guerilla tactic to show support for the show in a non-traditional way (approximately 21,000 pounds of nuts already sent). There are many, many, forums online where people complain, scheme and buzz about what to do to keep their favorite show on the air.

What really solidifies this, though, as a concrete case of being asleep at the (managerial) helm, is the fact that CBS execs have admitted that the signatures in the online petition and the buzz around this show have far surpassed similar means to bring back other cancelled shows. Yet they still stand firm in their decision to keep the show cancelled. WTF? The show was supposedly cancelled due to low ratings, but there are a lot of people, an unprecedented amount, chiming in about it, yet you won't budge? What business school did you come from? Un-frikking-believable!

Do you like Jericho? Complain to your local CBS affiliate, sign the petition, complain to CBS proper, send nuts (if you want to spend money), and tell your friends!
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