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Colony Season 3 coming soon!

May seems a little late, but it will be here soon enough!  So will Colony season 3!  The trailer for it came out a few days ago and I am all excited about it! My only worry is that we're treading into "Falling Skies" territory here. Falling skies started strong and it really fizzled out.  It's as if the creators didn't know what to do with the series.  A protracted war would be tiring (for the on-screen fighters, and the audience), and the ending was just m'eh (aliens saw as a threat and wanted revenge over a failed invasion attempt?).  I hope Colony doesn't fizzle out, or fall into that trap. The human-on-human subjugation on the behalf of aliens, and how the aliens got us to do their dirty work is a good exploration of human beings. Only time will tell.

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