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Assassin's Creed Unity - Mobile Companion | Done

LOL, I am not sure why I am writing about the mobile companion app...but I am ( with it? :p).  Anyway, yesterday the final side-mission of the companion app cleared and I got all my little lovely check marks across the map of Paris.   In this companion app you recruit Assassins from across Paris, and as you send them away on missions to control different locations in Paris they gain experience and you can level them up.  The more they are levels, the more difficult locations they can tackle. 

The initial idea behind this companion app was to provide another dimension to the game, so that the player could earn extra perks. Unfortunately it really ended up being a gate-keeping mechanism (and mostly time-locked!).  I mean, I've already completed Unity and 3 other games between between the time I started playing this mobile mini-game.  Playing this game now is pointless, unless you're like me and want to claim you've tried to play all assassin's creed games ;-)  Maybe Ubisoft can add some Club Ubi points to completing this game ;-)

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