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SevTrek: Jurassic Trek Introduction

With the end of enterforaprize, the next SevTrek in the SevTrek chronology is Jurassic Trek - a spoof of The Original Series.  Presenting the crew of Jurassic Trek (original source):

Captain Gym Quirk
The typical 60's TV man. Butt kicking, womanizing and wearer of shirts that would come off at the slightest provocation. Although Jurassic Trek only lasted 3 years, some say if Quirk had got through his sentences quicker, it wouldn't have lasted one year!

Science Officer Spook
The pointer eared alien espousing logic and reason for 6 out of 7 years, Spook possesses a superior intellect and physical strength to humans (apart from when Quirk beats him in hand fights and 3-d chess). When Jurassic Trek ended, he went on to write his autobiography, "I am not spooked".

Dr Leotard "Buns" McCorduroy
The original grumpy old fart that Pickhard must've based his character on.

Harikari Zulu
Of the characters of Jurassic Trek, Zulu is most often requested to return. It's not hard to see why. He can flip security guys twice his size. He gets his dinners cooked by Yeoman Randy. He tried to skewer Quirk (oh, so close). 

Monotony Squat
The "miracle worker" engineer whose true miracles are how he can always save the Enterforaprize just by sticking a few magnets on the inside of a Jefferies Tube.
P.S. I wonder how he'd fit in one of those Jefferies Tubes in those later Star Trek movies.

Although she spent most of her time as a glorified switchboard operator, Oohlala will be best known for that infamous kiss: the first televised kiss where the woman was forced to kiss Captain Quirk against her will!

Pavlova Checkout
The hapless Ensign that defied the odds and managed to get through everything and anything Sev Trek could throw at him without getting killed. Or more accurately, without staying killed!

Nurse Pristine Crabapple
Nurse Crabapple has the honour of being the longest survivor in Sev Trek history. She lived through Jurassic Trek to give virth to Doyawanna Tryhard, eventually moonlighting as the computer voice on Deep Sev Nine and Forager.
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