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Review: Star Trek, Volume 13

Star Trek, Volume 13 Star Trek, Volume 13 by Mike Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a review more of the entire "Star Trek: Ongoing" by IDW than just this volume.  In this particular volume the TOS crew meets Kelvin-timeline crew. It's an interesting way to see the aesthetics of the two timelines juxtaposed and people and their respective lives compared and contrasted. Throughout the series it was also interesting to get to see where the Q where in all this, how the Kelvin-timeline-mirror universe works, and getting to see Spock (prime) deal with things being the same, but actually quite different. I have serious doubts that the Kelvin timeline will continue on-screen.  It would be interesting if IDW were to continue with this, the TOS five year mission, events that unfold during the movie-era and the 'lost' era, and even in the TNG era.

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