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Think of the children!!!

Yesterday I decided to play a bit of Fable III so I can move the story along. I had gotten to the revolution part where I depose my evil older brother Logan...but I guess the joke was on me since Theresa (the spirit that came to my character and said I'd be a hero) had also advised him that the great darkness is coming to Albion. He could have been a benevolent rules but had a greater chance of being pummeled by the evil forces; or he could be an asshole tyrant but be able to save the kingdom. He obviously went the tyrant route, now which way would my character go? Hmmmm

First issue? Tax policy. I expected to be able to set the tax rate, but instead I could lower taxes (which would empty the royal treasury) or keep taxes the same which would give more money to defend the kingdom. FAIL... Oh well decided to go the responsible route and not have famine in the kingdom, so I empties the treasury.

Next issue: factories: ye to child labor or no? In an attempt to balance the budget I approved child labor (wish I had the ability to set up OSHA but I didn't) lost some political points there, but got some money.

Next issue: homelessness and rebuilding after the battle. For God's sake! I can be unpopular and have people homeless, or I can save them from homelessness and run a major deficit (around 650,000 gold at this point in the game). Well, I decided on social welfare over fiscal policy. After all, a rebuilt city SHOULD bring in revenue and soldiers. I also felt bad for approving child labor and bot providing for their education - at the very least they could have a home.

I spared my brother (like had all my previous defeated foes) so I have some army.

Now the hero has 330 days to venture into aurora, battle some evil beings and find the stash of gems that MIGHT finance the defense of the kingdom from these evil black goo and shadow things.

This game was much more fun as a button-mashing "bet em over the head with a stick" game lol. Now I really have to save the kingdom lol.

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