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Annoying DVD ads!

I have not watched newer movies in a long time.
I've been doing some catch up on the weekends on films that I missed during this, and last, semester.
Back in the day, when DVDs were new, one of the features touted was that you did not have the 'coming attractions' at the beginning of the film, like you did with VHS tapes, thus you could watch the film you bought (or rented) right away. Well now it seems like publishers of DVDs are going back to the good ol' days of VHS. every single film I have watched the last few weekends has had 'coming attractions' preceding the film and you did not have the ability to hit the menu to go to the movie's options (scene selection, play film, etc). The only thing you could do is fast forward or next scene which moved you on to the next 'coming attraction'.

Gimme a break! :( I hated the 'coming attractions' in VHS and I hate them on DVD! I like to have them as optional, like they were for so many years, so I could go and see what movies are interesting AFTER I have watched what I paid for!
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