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Year end review of books

While we still have a few more weeks left in 2015, and I probably will finish one more book (the one I have in progress and listening to during my commutes these days), this is a mostly accurate view of my 2015 reading list.  One year I made my goal to read 30 books in a year - failed it.  Since then I've decided to keep it simple and focus on reading a book a month.  If I go over that minimal goal, great :-)  Goals need to be smart and attainable LOL.

My book reading list is a combination of school work, for my doctoral program, books I brushed up on (new editions of books) for courses I teach, and a bunch of science fiction from the Star Trek Universe and Gears of War.  I wish Goodreads had a little checkbox to indicate whether I read each book by reading the text on a page, listening to an audiobook version, or using text-to-speech to have eBooks read to me.  That would make for an interesting data point in this infographic.

I wonder what next year will be like in terms of reading.  Now...if only I could get a similar graphic to this for all the games that I played in 2015 and how many achievements I earned, what type of games, how many hours I played, and so on.  Raptr user to have this functionality, but ever since they decided to be a twitch competitor and deprecated this functionality I stepped using them as often.  Oh well...

So, what did you read in 2015?

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