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Do we need to explain what a browser is?

I know that this video is old (and I've probably posted it before) but here it is again: Random people asked what a Browser is:

Now, I get that most laymen just click on the big blue "e" on their Windows PC, or have a friend that has forced them to use Firefox, but if you are using a tool, don't you want to know a little about it? I am not saying that you should know how stuff works inside your computer box, but if you are using the internet, shouldn't you know about search engines and browsers and plug-ins? It's like saying that you own a car, but never bother to learn about what an oil change is and why you need it at a certain amount of intervals. Luckily not knowing about browsers won't break your computer like not taking your car for an oil change, but still.

Google created a nice little instructional video on what a browser is (and is not). It reminds me a little of the common craft In Plain English videos.

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