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Don't Copy that Floppy, Part Deux

I saw this video on Techdirt recently and I had a good laugh.

I was not in the US when "don't copy that floppy" was around as an ad, but I do remember similar efforts in European (specifically Greek) computer magazines of the time. If I can find a magazine from that time period I will try to make a scanned copy of the ad (no pun intended).

As Techdirt says:

The "chorus" of the song claims that copying is a crime. I would argue that this is false advertising. Copying may be a crime, but the scenarios shown in the film don't appear to involve criminal activity, but civil torts. For it to be criminal copyright infringement it needs to involve being done "willfully and for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain." So the ad is falsely promoting the idea that personal copying is a criminal matter -- in fact it falsely suggests that simply downloading software or music will put you in jail.

So which is more ethical? Getting a personal copy of a song you wanted to hear? Or flat out lying about the criminality of that action to the widespread public?

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