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This week in Music: Russia

This week, on the spur of the moment I decided to have a look at what's on top on the Russian charts. In previous weeks I think I had come across many American songs on the charts (at least the ones I found) but this week I saw one chart listing that seemed more local.  That said, I might be visiting these charts more frequently since I like Russian, as a language, even though I haven't studied it in more than 13 years now (maybe time to return, eh?)

Сиськи by Ленинград
Verdict: The title of the song translates to 'boobs'.  Looking at the lyrics (I know enough russian to find lyrics and translate them by google translate), it seems like an interesting song.  I liked the song for what it was (social commentary and all), and I think it's something that would be on my iTunes account.  The video was pretty interesting too in telling a story rather than just having random visuals.  I just wish I spoke enough russian to understand the dialogue the cuts into the song (since the dialogue isn't in the lyrics site).

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