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이정현 - 아리아리 (Lee Jung Huyn - Ari Ari)

I think to start my #musicrewind tag I'll go with the theme of KPOP.   Back when I was working for Media Services (1999ish) many of my co-workers (and later employees) were Vietnamese.  Music that they played came from Vietnam, and a lot of the music they listened to was Vietnamese ballad-y type of music.  However, some of them did listed to music that I tended to listen to (dance, house, techno) and they brought back music from Vietnam that was of that sort.  However this music was often from China, Japan, and South Korea. One time someone brought back some music gifts from a recent trip and one of them was a VCD (video CD!) with Korean dance music.  Thus started my interest in KPOP, JPOP, and other types of music from that region.

It's been more than 10 years since I've paid any particular attention to what's new musically from that side of the world (if you exclude some of the recent KPOP hits that have crossed over recently).  Lee Jung Huyn was definitively one of my favorites!

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