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What I would like to see in Canola

OK, now I know that it's easy for people who don't code to be sofa commentators on what they would like to see in software packages, but I will do so anyway ;-)

I've been using canola a lot in the past few weeks as my media player of choice when I am using my N800 as a PMP and not as a tablet for browsing. Canola is a great piece of software that's missing some user interface elements, or some functionality that would make it event better. I've created some categories for improvements:

Internet Radio Directory - Inputting addresses for internet radio stations is a royal pain in the butt with Canola. What canola needs is an interface for a directory of internet radio station so that you can just add your favorites to a quick access list

More format support: Now this may be something that's out of reach, but I would love to see windows media, real and quicktime streaming formats supported (maybe work with VLC?)

FM Radio - The N800 sports a built-in FM radio (sadly no RDS support). Why can't I access the radio from Canola?

Podcast Directory integration - This is the same problem as the Internet Radio. Adding a podcast is a royal pain. Even when I export an XML file from iTunes Canola doesn't import it! Maybe Canola can work with podcastalley or podcaster to have a built-in directory for easy subscription and podcast exploration

Support for Video Podcasts - This is one of my bigger problems with the tablet. I am not sure if the N800 supports video podcasts that work on iPods (my tablet has played videos a bit choppy), there should be video podcast support in Canola.

Better TVersity support - Recently I discovered TVersity, and supposedly this work with Canola, but when I try to get G4's TVersity channel added to canola I run into problem.

Photo service Support - I know that there is a third party Flickr plugin (which doesn't work with the recent beta), but I would like to see Picassa support as well - officially

IP TV support - I guess the model for this is Equinux's Media Central for the Mac. I would like to be able to see television from the channels available on Media Central, but I would also like to be able to access my Hulu and Joost accounts and view video from there, as well as CBS, ABC, and BBC websites. This would be pretty cool

Imagine how great of a PMP the internet tablet could be with these canola modifications!
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