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Review: Patterns of Interference

Patterns of Interference Patterns of Interference by Christopher L. Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What bums me out the most about this book is that there is no "Star Trek Enterprise will continue..." at the end of the book. I wonder if this series will come back in the future.

Anyway - even if it is the last book to come out (certainly hope not), this was a rather fun book to read. I was hoping that Trip would come back from the cold, but it seems like he's in the shadows forever (if one considers the Nog & Jake part of the story in the future discussing this topic). Some highlights:
- Federation is debating the non-interference principle (what is to become the prime directive) but not resolutions come of it. Shran and Archer at opposite sides of the debate, but they take a break so that Archer can be by Porthos' side - porthos is dying.
- We see a plant-base sentient being - pretty cool (and opens up the door for that plant-based species in the animated series)
-Section 31 is finally gone!....NOT! They go underground. Which really messes with Discovery-era events that show them out in plain sight! Want to know what happened here!

Fun book, but the end with Porthos really tugs at the heart strings...

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