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Oh Schnap!

I feel like screaming!
Now that I have finally gotten ready to go all out, go full speed, and take 3 courses in the Fall so I can graduate and get done with my of my courses gets cancelled!

I was registered to take a class called "Massachusetts in the Global context" (or something similar to that). The class was cancelled because the professor retired! I was really looking forward to taking that class!
Well... soooo....I signed up for MBA AF 625 - "International FInancial Management" . Finance is not really my forté, but what the hell? I must take this class in order to graduate in December.

One caveat though! This class is ALSO taught by the professor that retired! This class is still listed though, which means that there is a chance that they will get some other faculty member to teach it. If they cancell this one too...well then I am scrood! Why you ask?

Why my dear Watson, the only other class that satisfies an "international requirement" is offered on the same night as my Information Systems class (also a requirement).

It all boils down to this: if international financial management is cancelled, I can only take one course in the fall, and I have to prolong my studies for one more year.... OY!
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