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Ooooo! New and shiny!

OK, every now and again I come across a story in my RSS feed that sounds completely and utterly ridiculous. Here's one of them "Is twitter replacing RSS readers?" which is a response to Robert Scoble's "why I don't use Google Reader anymore".

Seriously? I think Scoble, in this post at least, is taking on the persona of cranky old man waving a cane at the young'ins.

One of the crazy things mentioned is that you get your news faster on Twitter than using Reader. Well, perhaps, but reader is more like a newspaper, you can have access to it whenever you want, whereas twitter is like the silly CNN live news feed that you have to keep watching...but unlike CNN, the news does not repeat, so you have to be constantly jacked in to be paying attention to the news.

Don't get me wrong, twitter does have a place in my daily communication, but I don't want to be interrupted every two minutes when a news item comes in. Reader lets me consolidate my reading, and process things that I want to read later (star it and read it later - which is what I did with these articles). What does Twitter allow you to do?

I just don't understand the new and shiny syndrome...
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