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Adieu, Live Spaces!

Just as we big farewell to Vox yesterday, it seems like Microsoft decided to pull the plug on Windows Live Spaces, their own version of a microblogging community that you could access with your windows live ID. If Windows Live users want to use a blogging service they will be redirected to WordPress since that's who Microsoft decided to forge a partnership with.

Honestly I never really used the service, so this doesn't really impact me. If you're reading this you probably know that I am using Blogger for most of my blogs anyway. I had tried the service when I bought blogpress a year or so ago just to see how easy it would be to post on different services that I have accounts on. My "hello world" blog post from blogpress posted fine on Live Spaces and I thought nothing of it.

I know quite a few of my friends who are Windows Live users who used live spaces that will need to migrate, but at least they are migrating to a better place ;-) I like WordPress but it there is no plug-in for rapidweaver (that I know of) that takes my content from and formats it for my own website like the BlogPress plugin does for blogger. If I ran my own installation of WordPress I could do it, but I have no interested in rolling my own ;-)

So fare thee well Live Spaces, some will miss you, I certainly will not :-)
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