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Bloodrayne: Another video game movie gone bad

A few years back I played Bloodrayne on my mac - I really liked the game so I decided to go see the movie that came out. Video game movies have been hit-or-miss in general but this one... boy-oh-boy... way it bad. I don't have to say anything original because the IMDB comments of others are sufficient:

"The dailogue is either very cliché, or very stilted (and often both). There are serious continuity issues. The gratuitous sex scene was so completely sudden it seemed like an excerpt from a porn movie."

"During the screening, I wanted to leave bad, but literally came to tears when I found out I couldn't. "Bloodrayne" is waste of time, money, human logic, and sanity. It's torturous, painful, and sad."

"Trivia: The half-naked prostitutes in the scene with Leonid (Meat Loaf) are actually real Romanian prostitutes. According to director Uwe Boll (at the Stockholm International Film Festival) it was cheaper to hire real prostitutes than actresses."

"Uwe Boll deserves nothing less than public flogging for ruining a pretty good VG series. I read elsewhere that most of the actors were either drunk or high and very ashamed and it's easy to see and understand why."

"Michael Madsen, a legend of cult cinema, sways his way through the film swinging a sword like he's drunk. Ben Kingsly mumbles about as if he's simply bored. Kristanna Loken looks beautiful but doesn;t carry the furiosity of Rayne....and therefore simply doesn't create a sense of believability. Michelle Roudriguez looks as if she'd rather be doing some porn film and Meat Loaf just seems to be on aboard for the opportunity to lounge around in a room full of prostitutes."

"There is a sex scene involving the beautiful Kristanna Loken and some Matt guy....instead of increasing a romantic sub plot, tension or signs of "human emotion" within Rayne...the scene simply feels like a seqence from a porn film has been lifted into the film."

"All in all the only praise I can give this film is that it finally ended. Only go to see this film if you are desperate to see Kristanna's breasts as she humps a guy against a cage wall."

"absolutely the worst acting I have seen, Including a 6 year old dance recital"

There is much more - just check out IMDB if you want to read more about how bad this film is ;)

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