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Stupid Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy can be good, you can track the progress of things, but it can be bad...really really bad!
It (probably) cannot get worse than the way it is at work now.

I recently got my bill for my fall classes. Since I am an employee I get a full tuition waiver (pretty nice benefit if you ask me!), unless you have labs (usually associated with sciences and languages, which I am not signed up for). I open my bill expecting to see "$0.00 owed" but instead I see a bill for approximately $2000. What was this charge for? Health Insurance. Now the thing that perplexes me is that I already have health insurance because I am a full time employee! So since I had a tuition waiver, because I am a full time employee, why oh why are they charging me for student health insurance? I can get it waived by submitting a small form which I have been doing for the last five years, but my university wasted money on an envelope, postage, three sheets of paper, toner, and people time to stuff and send those letters out and to process my form (not to mention wasting my time). If I were the only employee taking classes - then maybe OK, but I seriously doubt it.

Alright, I was going to let this go, as I have done in the past, but once I had submitted my completed form (and getting a VERY rude reception at the customer service desk) I get the form returned by USPS (just as I had received my bill) Why? Well my insurance is Awesome and Nice Insurance administered by Corporation (ANI for short - name is changed to protect the innocent).

Every time I dead with Human Resources, everyone talks about the insurance as ANI or Awesome Nice Insurance, no one but no one refers to it as Corporation! So, in my form I wrote Awesome Nice Insurance because I thought that ANI might be vague. Well these dimwits did not know what Awesome Nice Insurance was! This is one of the 4 insurance carriers that the employer provides and they did not know what it was! To make things worse, on the form they sent back they checked off the box stating "We do not think that this insurance is comparable to the student health insurance". What kind of dimwit does not know this basic thing?!

So I went to the Bursar's office and they said, after looking at my insurance card "Oh, this is called Corporation"....WTF?! Are you kidding me?!
Anyway, I asked what I can do automatically have this insurance business waived in the future, and they said "oh you cannot, it is a state law and you have to do it each year..." - Can you say Deeeee Dee Deeee? (google Carlos Mencia if you don't know what "Deee Dee Deee" is).

I'm telling you, I aspire to move up in the food chain of this place to fix all these stupid little problems because no one else seems to want to make things more efficient.
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