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Television Blue Screen of Death!

OK! I will admit it! HD Television has spoiled me! Last night, those of you who follow me on twitter, would have seen my frustration as my cable provider (Comcast) and how none of the HD channels were working! No CBS, no NBC, no ABC and worst of all NO FOX! I was so prepped to watch 24 in widescreen HD glory (like I've done for the past season, or two) but when I switched inputs from computer to broadcast/cable on my television - nothing!

Well, not nothing exactly, the blue screen of television death that tells you that there is no signal (in the olden days this would have been the snowy screen). Argh! The Standard Definition of all these channels was coming in. 24 was technically available on Fox SD on a 4:3 aspect ratio - but it was grainy...and 4:3! HD has spoiled me :p I hope that comcast fixes this soon, otherwise it's back to just watching television on Hulu for me. The only reason I went back to broadcast was the (slightly) better quality of the image and the fact that I could see things on broadcast - no need to wait a day (or 7 in the case of some shows) to watch the content.

Comcast - FIX IT!!!!!
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