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MOOCs in a nutshell (assignment for class)

One of the things that has been keeping me busy this semester has been my inaugural semester as a Doctoral student at Athabasca University's Center for Distance Education.  The semester isn't over yet,but I am slowly working at hammering out some assignments for the course.  I've tried to be pro-active so that I can get the foundational reading done early in the semester so I can focus on reading some additional articles on MOOCs that have been on my to-read pile for a while.  I ended up getting all the readings done (the ones assigned by the faculty anyway), but I've been side-tracked reading interesting things that my classmates post :-)

In any case, for the third assignment for my inaugural class I looked at MOOCs (no surprises there), and I discussed very briefly the historical overview of MOOCs (keep an eye out in December for the special issue of the CIEE journal, some good articles coming out on the topic of MOOCs), I discussed a bit some work I am doing with a colleague in Greece about issues with MOOCs, and I critiqued a project, currently in the pilot phase, which aims to offer Greek MOOCs (see

The paper and the presentation are on SlideShare. I thought that I uploaded the document on Scribd, but I guess I goofed.  Feedback is welcomed :)

MOOCs: Brief History, Emerging Issues, and a Critique of a new platform from Apostolos K.

MOOC Presentation for EDDE 801 from Apostolos K.
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