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Objections to Social Learning

I was reading a blog recently (click here for source) where the blogger had a presentation from the Mzinga crew about objections to social learning.

I went through the presentation, and it was actually quite interesting, but I had heard it all before :-) The objections to social learning (as much as I cringe when I say social learning) are the same objections that I examined when I was learning about Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems.

I do love both proprietary knowledge management systems, and more open networks like twitter (although for work I would prefer Yammer), facebook and so on. The problem that I have is that people experience an all or nothing type of situation. You are either all against it, or all for it. And if you are all for it (institutionally I mean), you don't make appropriate use of your limited resources.

This is an interesting presentation, and if you don't know much about knowledge management...or social learning, have a look. The audio component is about an hour.

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