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OLDS MOOC: Week 2 Goals

Alright! This week I will make some goals for myself for my participation in OLDS MOOC! This week (titled "inquire") focuses on context.  The introductory video for the week is at the end of this post. For those of you familiar with the Dick & Carey model, we are firmly in the "Analysis" Stages.

As far as reading goes, I plan on getting acclimated to the Force Map, and exploring the Ecology of Resources Framework. As far as Personas go (the other big read it seems), I plan on skipping it.  I've worked with personas in my undergraduate work in my UI Design courses, in the MBA, MSIT, and to some extent in the MEd program in Instructional Design. I am keeping the resource handy, but I don't think I will be spending a lot of time on it.

I plan on participating in at least two discussions in the google group.  I don't know which ones yet, but as I participate, I plan on posting them on my cloud.

The element that I like about OLDS MOOC this week are the two alternative paths one can take:
  • Short route 3+ hours (Activities 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7): This involves thinking, reading and discussing about context for learning design. 
  • An alternative short route is to do activities 2 & 4: This involves applying contextual approaches to your design project.
Activities can be seen in the Weekly MOOC Module Page (link above). What it boils down to is: Create a scenario (template here for those who want to use it) for your course (Activity #2), and either apply Personas and Force Maps or apply the Ecology of Resources (EoR) Framework. Of course, you can do your own thing, but I will try my hand at the EoR framework since it's new to me. I will most likely be working on both of these over the weekend.

OK, let's see how this week goes (it promises to be a very busy one)

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