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What's this about connectivism then?

Well, semester is almost over!  I think that I only have about 10 more days left in my 3rd EdD semester.  There must be a punchline joke here, but I am not finding it at the moment ;-)  Need some more sleep!

That said, for the third assignment I decided to tackle a topic that I was fairly familiar with - connectivism.  My buddy for this assignment and I worked together to put together this NPR-style interview introducing connectivism to the class, and to other people.  We had both read about connectivism before, and had a variety of articles cross our desks over the past few years, both the in the EdD program, but also through various cMOOCs I had taken.  It was just a matter of collecting the info and determining the appropriate presentation.

We both wanted to get some sort of OER out of this, so if people wanted to use the product they could.  That said, we did try other types of OER makers, the free type that allow you to create self-paced eLearning and allow you to upload the materials to an LMS, however that was way more complicated than either one of us had time for.  It's too bad that that kind of OER is such a monumental pain in the butt to make.  On the plus side, a recorded google Hangout, and camtasia do wonders!

I think that the keyword at this stage in the game is simplicity.  Now that this is done, I need to focus a bit on the internship. Luckily I am off the hook for ePortfolio and Mahara videos.  The program will have a course preparing students for the ePorfolio a little down the road, so I've been given the all clear from my professor to not do that part.  I find it odd that when I posted in the course forums if anyone had any burning questions about the ePorfolio that no one responded.  It makes the task of an instructional designer a bit harder, considering that there is no starting point - no 'problem to solve' with given parameters so to speak.

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